coronavirus cure

coronavirus cure
 You must have known the coronavirus in a good way and me want to tell all of you that how you can take care of everyone with the corona virus, then you know how we can take care of you and avoid the corona If you can, I know

I tell all of you that how can all of you take care of your health, you will be the first to wash your hands from anywhere and then hand over any material so that all of you do not spread the virus of Kovid 19 and No one else should, you want to tell the people how you people should try and make you grow happy that you will know that all the people wake up and don have started, then you do not get out of the house and remove it.

 This Person around just see LCCN a corona let him call Torntha police or hospital

To avoid doing this, you may tell all the people that in the first place, you should give cleanliness to the people and if you go anywhere, then use the mask so that the virus does not enter.

coronavirus live update

What will this virus come out of China, what will this virus come out of China, it is now growing continuously, and what it has been done now, do not tell us that the virus is spreading so much that it is taking the name of stopping and shaking the whole country. 

This minor virus is called COVID 19 and the virus has spread that there have been 31 thousand people and doctors have shown this virus in 3D without taking the name of stopping this virus. Music reduces lung CURB many and so struck many of the Rokn just take life came to be about impossible to many of this Koronn viruses how long stopped singing

coronavirus effects

The coronavirus is affected by the cornea, the real root of the human being is that it can be taken to the mother-in-law and she can also die due to the corona, so come toast may you tell the people about the corona the effect, so let's know that corona What 
effects increase from

Corona is a virus that has come from China and it has been so rooted that it is very difficult to stop it. Scientists from all over the country are engaged to stop it.
Corona's effect is that if someone becomes a corona, then that corona makes it difficult to take that person's mother-in-law and head ache weakness is all due to corona's effect.