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Hello friends, you are going to tell people about WhatsApp today, how you can apply WhatsApp status to you, in WhatsApp and you will also teach people to download Whatsapp status and also give WhatsApp status, so let's go and Whatsapp status We know how to apply for WhatsApp status and you can download WhatsApp of anyone, so let's start Land

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 Whatsapp status 

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We can easily download the WhatsApp status from Google, YouTube and from the Ananya website, we also find the status of your status in WhatsApp because we want to show you and anyone else that you can download the status in WhatsApp. Copy pasting of the logo increases the toast status

Whatapp status

1. Whatever you are like, I have once thought about what will happen to this man and do not even think that I cannot live without you.
2. We only love you, Varna, there are millions of girls behind us.
3. Mahouts do boys, but girls do it only with boys
4. Son Pagli, we are so much concerned that you don't torture anyone else because we love you and you don't understand us

WhatsApp status funny

  Say a mark > Once I was going on the road, then I saw a monkey walking and saw the stubborn
Intelligent > are you ever stubborn trees

Then call me a fool > I was dreaming >>> hahhhhhhh

Whatsapp status love

1. What is Salaah, what is the glory, if anyone gets it, then no one has got the right character, the whole person is ruined

2. We have loved you and will continue to love why you are my life and you are my worlds I love you baby

3. Sweet be my heart and see you without me living hard so sweet baby love you

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